Kimberley sportfishing at Kuri Bay can only be described as “Mind Blowing”

Peter Tucker (tux) your tour guide Kuri Bay Sportfishing Tours

The Guides

The guides at Kuri Bay are all long term Kimberley fishing guides, who have worked extensively along the Kimberley coast and have gained a wealth of knowledge.

Under the expertise of Peter Tucker considered by many as the most experienced and knowledgeable Kimberley Fishing charter guide on the Kimberley coast, you can be guaranteed a most memorable and professional weeks fishing.

The variety of fishing

Without a doubt the variety of fishing scenarios that are on offer in the waters around Kuri Bay is its greatest attraction.

Sand flats, gorges, estuaries and creeks, deep jigging, pelagic action, coral reefs. It has it all.

Very much a fly fisherman’s paradise with crystal clear waters not found in many other areas of the Kimberley coast.

If you like casting lures or flies all day on light tackle or hunting down big fish on sand flats to jigging up massive trevally’s and other monster pelagic to trolling for sail fish, it is all there within an hour boating of your accommodation.

There are no long hauls in the boats. Unbelievable!

Queen fish
Fly fishing off the jetty
Casting into Bait Ball
Flicking lures at a secluded gorge

The variety of fish

It is not uncommon to account for over 40 species of fish in your stay at Kuri Bay.

All the local species abound, Mangrove Jack, Finger Mark Bream, Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon, many species of Queenfish, Trevallies, and Mackerel, Sailfish, Cobia, Tuna, and all the reef species.

They are all there in abundance. A Sport Fisherman’s dream!!!!

Blue Bastard Fish caught on Kuri Bay Sportfishing Tours
Barramundi Fish caught on Kuri Bay Sportfishing Tours
Golden Trevally Fish caught on Kuri Bay Sportfishing Tours
Big Queenie Fish caught on Kuri Bay Sportfishing Tours


If you’re looking for a truly authentic wilderness adventure, including vast ocean vistas, remote fishing in hidden islands, mangrove forests, secluded channels, unspoilt reef and river systems, then look no further in the Kimberley and with Pete (Tux) Tucker.

It's as real an experience, as you will find anywhere.

After ten years of taking mates and my kids on annual visits to Tux’s camps including this year to the amazing Kuri Bay all I can say is get off the couch and book a trip - if you don’t love the wilderness and the fishing you will love being spoilt eating some of the best fresh seafood meals on the planet!

Jonathon Bloch


Peter Tucker is the consummate fishing guide.

He is extremely knowledgeable, patient and able to successfully adapt any fishing situation to the conditions, the wishes of his clients and their angling abilities.

These qualities, combined with the fantastic Kuri Bay environment and a range of fishing options, will keep me coming back.

Glenn Edwards

Boats and Equipment

Saba San, Koyoyo and Bidadjin are all sturdy aluminium custom built sport fishing vessels, perfect for Kimberley conditions that are encountered around the Kuri Bay waters.

Fast and comfortable, plenty of casting room, both novice and experienced anglers will delight in fishing from the fleet.

Gorge near Kuri Bay
Jetty at Kuri Bay
Boats of Kuri Bay Sportfishing Tours moored at Kuri Bay Jetty

Outfits and Tackle

You have the choice as an angler to bring your own gear or use the range of quality outfits supplied by Kuri Bay Sport Fishing.

From 6 kg through to 15 kg, both bait casting and spin outfits, the choice is yours.

A wide range of lures, jigs and soft plastics to choose from with terminal tackle on hand as well.

We encourage fly fishing and supply a limited range of outfits and flies.

Conditions apply to the use of fishing outfits and lures.

Premier Fly Fishing Destination

Kuri Bay is blessed with gin clear water and many sandy beaches which make for world class salt water sight fishing with fly and lure. One species that is on every fly fisherman’s list is the Blue Bastard. The bays and beaches around Kuri Bay have a very healthy population of these cagey fish along with Golden Trevally and Jumbo Queenfish. Not only can the angler be stalking these above mentioned species, the intertidal reefs and headlands hold many jumbo Jack and Coral Trout and GTs, Long Tail Tuna, Brassy’s and all the other tropical culprits abound. With local experienced guides who ply their trade to perfection, it is a fly fisherman’s wonderland.

Testimonies from a few top class flyos.

Kuri Bay offers keen anglers a diverse fishery varying from site fishing Blue Bastards on shallow flats to open water pelagic fishing and even shots at sail fish. Over all its an extraordinary experience.

John Jardine, Perth

Located in the heart of one of Australia’s Saltwater Fly fishing frontiers, Kuri Bay has it all, from premier flats fishing to pelagic mayhem, and you need travel no more than 10 minutes to get to both.

Rob Nicholson, Sydney

A fantastic and diverse fishery. Every bay and inlet provides a new challenge for the fly angler

Charles Barrett Jnr, Sydney

Great fly fishery surrounded by incredible and spectacular scenery along with great guides and an abundant variety of species in unspoiled water.

Tom Gordon, Lismore